Easily worth your dollar. Get all the weather info you need, but with 6000% percent more visual polish than any other app around. - Tabacco

I feel like a kid, looking out the window at the weather. Beautiful App. It’s weather meets childhood meets Van Gogh. - KarimKai

Easily the most exciting weather app out there. You’ll want to check the weather every day. - Farewell Typewriter

Weather Doodle is weather as beautiful, animated art.

Suns rise. Clouds glide into view. Raindrops, snowflakes and hail fall from the sky. The wind blows. All in a gorgeous, whimsical art style. And when you’re ready to see something different? Just download new art from within the app and experience an entirely new look with new animations. It’s simple, beautiful, intuitive, and more fun than a weather app has a right to be.

The app comes with one meticulously crafted art theme installed, and more available through the integrated store (“The Art Shoppe”).

CNET: 4.5/5

“…anyone with an eye for style and an interest in weather should check it out.”

App Underdogs Featured App

“Weather Doodle is one of those rare apps that takes something we look at every day and transforms it into a beautiful experience.”

PadGadget: 4/5

“The graphics are beautiful. I feel like I am looking at a Michel Gondry movie or something.”

App Safari: 4/5

“Simple and beautiful, Weather Doodle is a highly polished app that, although small, can go a long way to brightening your day.”

Art Theme: Eurocarta

The Eurocarta theme is inspired by the ancient art of cartography. Explore your App in a whole new way as you watch the beautiful engravings bring the weather to life!

Eurocarta is available for download through in-app purchase within the app.

Art Theme: Paperscape

See the weather come alive as a world of layered paper collages!

Translucent paper clouds flow in front of a paper moon. Paper lightning strikes. Paper hail falls and bounces off paper hillsides. This theme comes pre-installed with the app. Enjoy!

Art Theme: Printmaker

See the weather emerge as colored block prints on a rich wooden surface. It’s like combining a stamp set, cans of paint and a time-lapse camera.

Printmaker is available for download through in-app purchase within the app.

App Features

☼ Animated weather conditions and forecasts – watch the weather come alive!
☼ Gorgeous retina graphics
☼ Full universal app – iPad compatible
☼ Take a screenshot of the weather and share! (Facebook, Twitter, etc…)
☼ Intuitive, seamless user interface – just swipe and smoothly glide between locations
☼ Themeable! Each art theme features its own unique art and animation style
☼ Art changes to reflect the time of day
☼ Art changes to reflect the current moon phase
☼ 5-day forecast
☼ Current conditions
☼ Ability to select from individual weather stations within a city
☼ Expandable! More themes are coming – download them through in-app purchase as they become available
☼ Choose from Metric or Imperial units
☼ Weather description, wind speed and humidity